Christmas was quite different for me this year. Usually, I ask for things I want rather than need. This year I didn't ask for the newest Nike's or clothes.. I asked for a Keurig (trust me..I NEED this) and Ninja blender for my apartment. My apartment is actually coming together, and I can't wait to document it for 2015 with you all! 

I always believed a private life is a happy life. I'm normally low key about my personal life when it comes to social media, but I feel the need to spread the news: I recently became official with someone special to me. It's been a while since I have last been with someone, and this came organically and just blossomed into something truly meaningful. This Christmas was definitely one for the books because of him! If you're reading this, hello B <3

This year, I wanted to give my presents away the only way I know how..Modern Fit style :). So naturally, I visited Pinterest and curated some ideas. 

I bought all of my Christmas wrapping essentials at Michael's. The black and white wrapping paper is actually craft paper and is sold all year long (great for me, because I'll be wrapping like this for every occasion). The golden flower arrangements were discounted due to a seasonal sale. 

Finished Product. I'm not sure about you guys, but I am not the craftiest person. However, these presents turned out so beautiful! For the bigger presents, I used the burlap looking thing to tie the boxes. I bought a gold metallic pen to write on the side of the presents to whom they are for. In the back of the present, I wrote my name. 

 5th &amp; Spring St

5th & Spring St

Sometimes I fail to acknowledge the beauty of Los Angeles. Simple decor such as this really uplifted my Holiday spirit. 

Thanks to B, I received my first pair of Adidas ZFlux's. Nike will always be my first true love, but hey! 2015 is fulfilling your curiosity!

I also received this timeless beauty of watch from Daniel Wellington Genuine leather & rose gold watch! I absolutely love this classic watch because I could wear it with anything and it won't clash with my outfits (minus the gym attire of course ;)). Check out their website and receive a 15% off your next purchase with a discount code: "holiday_modernfit"

I hope you guys had a blessed holiday with you and your loved ones!