I'm excited to share this post because can you guess why? I did my first ever photo shoot with my boyfriend and it turned out so good! I always knew Phillip was a born natural haha

Btw... Does anyone recognize the background? It was where NTC Tour Los Angeles was located. Now it's all tagged up :( #betterforit all day! lol 

As a couple,  it can be extremely hard to stay healthy especially when you are like us and love to eat and watch Netflix! Here's a quick guide to surpass being a junk foodie couple and grow into a healthy lifestyle with your boothang! 


The first step to being a healthy couple is to understand and commit to your goals. It helps when you're not doing it alone. Believe me when I tell you guys that it's not going to be easy, especially if you are a foodie! It's difficult when only one person in the relationship is trying to make a healthy change in their lifestyle while the other partner is doing the opposite. Make the change together, and both your chances to reaching your goals will be greater! 


Following the road to a healthy lifestyle can be tough. If you're like me, you love to eat and try different restaurants. Phillip always gives me that look when I reach for a donut at church (unfortunately, I always put it back). When you have someone who understands your goals, it will help tremendously with the cravings and laziness. When you guys are apart, hold each other accountable. Text/call and ask how that work out went and what they are eating for dinner. 


Your partner is the one to help you when you are about to quit. He or she is the one to tell you to hit that last rep or tell you to run instead of walk that last mile. You'll be glad you did it! I am so used to working out by myself that when I work out with Phillip, I am really able to push my limits. 


Create challenges for each other. A little friendly competition can help you guys grow a bond together physically and mentally. Phillip and I would do a water challenge. Nothing too crazy but to keep each other in check that we are actually hydrating ourselves throughout the day. Small challenges can keep the journey and your relationship exciting and adventurous. 


Everyone knows the most important part about being healthy is to eat healthy. AND... everyone knows that every couple's favorite activity is to eat. Spice things up by cooking healthy meals together! It'll make cooking, meal prepping and washing dishes not so bad (always a bonus). If you guys want to go out, then it will be easier because the both of you are eating healthy. Imagine you eating a salad while your partner is eating a juicy burger (cruel). Remember to never sacrifice your health for convenience!


Emotional support is such a huge key factor. The "you can do it" or "you got this", the pat on the back or even a slap on the butt (mmmhm!) can go along way. Being fit is my lifestyle. I love the feeling of eating right and lifting weights. Every now and then, I go through that dark cloud where I have absolutely no motivation. Phillip was the one to talk me through everything and reminded me of my goals. Reward your partner with words of encouragement, not a cupcake or donut! 


It's hard to break habits and create new healthy ones especially if you guys are new to the relationship. The smallest acts of kindness can really help you reach goals and grow closer together as a couple. For instance, Phillip had a really busy week, so I surprised him with a weeks worth of meals just so he doesn't have to stress over it! Your partner is here to keep you in track. 

Stay fit. Stay FITTED. We both had a pleasure of working with Fabletics! 

Fabletics just launched their own Men's Athletic wear line and they gifted the both of us to try it out. I was a little skeptical at first before I saw the men's line, but it wasn't up to me to comment on it. Phillip actually really loved the shorts because there was built in compression shorts underneath. I personally loved the shirt because he can wear it in and out the gym. 

As for me, I will forever be in love with the Fabletic's leggings. However, the one I'm wearing is not what I'm used to.. I'm more in favor of the thick waisted band leggings. However, the top was my favorite. I can definitely rock this outside the gym as well! 

Thank you, Fabletics

After your work out, cuddle up with bae and listen to this (because it's so necessary).








Photographer: Ron Holden | @HoldenFocus | www.ronholdenphoto.com