Nike held a private event for influential women in the OC, and I got to experience it all! It was an unbelievably amazing opportunity to see Nike in another perspective. Not only does this store have the latest gear like the NIKE X PEDRO LOURENÇO collection, but it also has its own studio! 

We first walked in the studio seeing our designated lockers, outfits and more goodies inside. We changed into our outfits. We had Tricia Buck, Master Trainer, lead the NTC work out. Let me tell you, she is amazing! She is from the OC and also works at Equinox as a Group Fitness Instructor.

I want to thank Nike for their awesome lighting that helped me get abs. haha


I work out almost every day, but training with NTC always manages to kick my butt! It literally reminded me of the NTC Tour back in March in Santa Monica, but more personal. There were 8 of us who got to experience this event. We did various exercises like Plank to Frog Legs, partner exercises and of course, yoga! 


Nike never fails to showcase the minor details in their events. Their refreshments were ... well, refreshing! Quest Bars, Nectar Juices, Fruit Kabobs & Macarons with the Swoosh Plus imprinted on them to help fuel us after a kick ass work out. 


I seriously feel so blessed to experience this awesome opportunity. I am actually in the process of living my dreams, and to see it all come to fruition is just an amazing feeling.

Imagine walking in with outfits already laid out for you. Nike hooked us up with the latest NIKE X PEDRO LOURENÇO tops. The jacket didn't come with it, I took it upon myself to purchase the last XS they had in the store (it's only right). 

Every girl received her own gift like the Nike Victory Gym Bag, Nike Studio Wrap 3's, Nike Free TR 4's, Nike Graphic Tab No-Show Socks, customized water bottle and our personal magnet with our name's on it.

We also received Air Max's from the NIKE x LIBERTY Collection A/W 2014! Goodness..Nike sure knows how to spoil a woman! 

Very blessed to have met all of these influential women! They are so beautiful inside and out! <3

I want to thank Nike once again for having me experience this amazing opportunity. I am truly blessed and am even more determined to go further with my dreams.