Warm Up:

Treadmill Pushes (30 seconds) Hold onto the dashboard of a regular treadmill and keep your head up, and your spine in a stiff, neutral position. Drive the belt with your legs by “pawing” at it with your feet. Drive through your heels as you move the belt to work the glutes and hamstrings, or get on your toes to put more emphasis on your quads. 

Incline @ 15 | Speed 3.5 (1 minute) Walk

Rest break (30 seconds)

Repeat this 3 times. 

Stretch thoroughly after.

*Increase weight after each set


Dumbell Chest Press | 3x15 *

Dumbell Chest Flys | 3x15 *

Around the Worlds | 3x15 *

Inclined Dumbbell Chest Press | 3x12


Tricep Dips with bench | 3x15 (You can add weight on your lap top if you find this easy)

Skull Crushers | 3x15 *

Close Grip Dumbbell Press | 3x25

Tricep Push Ups (Shown in Video) | Till failure

Seated Tricep Press | 3x12 *


CARDIO of your choice for 30 minutes after