NWM Training Week 3: Build a Base

Training Day 15 -Start Off Strong

Distance: 4.7 miles/3 miles

1. Run 2 miles at a comfortable, easy pace

2. Finish the last 1 mile at a faster pace

Running alone used to be a huge fear of mine. I found a place where I can gain my sanity that I loss in the office. I guess I was on a runner's high and ran 4.7 miles instead of the suggestion of 3 miles. 

Training Day 16: You're only human

Distance: 3.01/5 miles

I should be grateful that I started off the week with 4.7 miles. It'll sort of even out my lack of progress today. :( 

Training Day 17

Distance: 3 miles 

Although Nike said to do some cross training, I opted out and decided to run because I knew that I was going train with my good friend Jasper on Friday.  I really am comfortable with a 3 mile run, I don't know how if I have a strong enough mentality to go through 13.1 ! 

Training Day 18

Distance: 3.27 miles

Today, I finally ran with MIP Los Angeles. I'm so grateful for this team as they push me to be a better runner. I didn't feel sluggish (maybe it was the oatmeal I ate beforehand?) Who knows, but I felt UNSTOPPABLE! 

Training Day 19: Training Day

This work out was KILLER! Jasper, a good friend of mine, showed me some new work out routines that definitely tested my limits. Will be posting the work out soon!