NWM Training Week 2: Fundamentals

Training Day 8: Running Solo

Distance: 3.23/3 miles

Training Day 9: RUNVentures

Distance: 5 miles

First day of Week 2 training started off alright. I ran with another MIP sister, Justine, who just so happens to be neighbors with me around Downtown LA. Nike recommended we push for 5 miles. I remember the days where numbers got to my head so badly that I didn't even want to try. I was not okay with anything over one mile, but here I am running 5 miles! 

Training Day 10: Switch it Up

Distance: 3 miles

Although the Nike app told me work out instead of run, I decided to switch the days around that would fit my schedule. I'm supposed to run 3 miles Friday, but decided to run Wednesday. I was very tired from work today & had to do things for my blog that my run got pushed to night time. 

Training Day 11:  YONCE DAY


Oh Squat Rack, how I've missed you so!!! I worked out with a good friend of mine, JP. He is always the person who makes me feel good about my progress even when I don't see it. He really made sure that leg day would be one for the books (I'm still in pain... thanks, JP!)

Training Day 12: Rest Day

Recovery is an important part of the process!!! 


Training Day 13: 6 Miles & 6 Shades darker later..

Distance: 6 miles/5 miles

What's more horrible than 6 miles? The fact that Nike said to run 5 miles!!! -_- I really need to double check my training app prior to running. Horrible.. my legs were still sore from leg day, so I decided to focus on just getting the miles in versus beating my usual time & pace.

Training Day 14: Rest Day

Distance: The distance from my bed to the refrigerator.. 


Happy Sunday!