Alright, no cheese. Definitely no cheese in our meals. Can't blame me for referencing J. Cole, right? I went to this cute Mom & Pop diner the other day and ate outside. Having trouble on what to order when you're out? The smallest changes can make a huge difference. 

For breakfast, you can switch up your meal with just a few changes:

  • If you are looking to lower your cholesterol, ask for egg whites instead of scrambled or over easy.
  • You can also order hard boiled eggs
  • Add some spinach (more protein for them cakes!)
  • Fruit is good for you! I added potatoes here since I was told they are amazing here.
  • Whole Wheat DRY. Our waiter tried to be nice and add butter on the side anyway. 
  • Drink water over juice. You just slept about 8 hours without your body taking in any water, hydrate yourself!
  • Drink coffee with no artificial sweeteners or milk.
  • If you don't like coffee, drink hot tea with lemon

Yes, you may miss the cheese on that omelet. You could be craving butter on that toast, but you will be energized and notice that you won't suffer from that awful food coma that you seem to get. Remember to treat food as your fuel!





Warnings Consult your doctor before starting any restrictive diet.