September- SHUT UP & SQUAT

Wake up Wake up! It's first of the month! How are you starting off September? I was excited to set personal, fitness & career goals for myself this month. I decided to step up my game yesterday morning by working out with my MIP sister Lea and Val at Metroflex Gym in Long Beach. I'll try to remember how leg day went as I am trying to forget the pain I went through! lol 

Warm up with lunges for 2 minutes (no weights)

Push weights

Tire Jumps or Box Jumps 20 reps

Super set: Leg press & hack squats

Upside down leg press 3 sets of 20

Leg curls 4 sets of 15-20


This gym is legit. I wish I lived closer here for me to become a member. The gym was spacious, and I definitely appreciated the open air with the garage doors wide open. 




My sis, Val, getting it on the hack squat machine. Remember to squeeze your glutes!

My favorite part was the squat area where they have random quotes on there pertaining to squats!


Super grateful for this experience and having the chance to work out with some of my MIP sisters on a different level other than running. This day started me off with such inspiration and motivation! It literally added fuel to my fire! Can't wait to tackle my fitness goals this month!

What are your fitness goals?