Now Introducing...#WCWOMAN

I am so excited to introduce to you all #WCWoman! The vision that I have for this movement has gone beyond my expectations. There's no better feeling than to have the support and encouragement I received these past couple of days.  

Let me tell you the background of it all. I envisioned this the Summer of last year and felt so passionate about the movement. I had no idea where to start, but I knew the purpose was meaningful & it would guide me to a bright beginning.

I feel like we're all here for a purpose. This is mine. I want to leave a legacy where our future generations have a platform to look up to. The beauty of it all is that it's not just my legacy I'm leaving, it's all the #WCWomen who manage to make a difference in people's lives. 

This is for the dreamers. This is for the women who chose to break conformity and follow their passion. I wanted to create something that would tell their side of the story. I didn't want this to be just about fitness. I wanted to discover every dream possible because I want girls to feel LIMITLESS. 

"WCW" originally stands for "Woman Crush Wednesday," I wanted to redefine that into something positive, World Changing Woman. I feel like we have all at some point been sucked into social media's superficial expectations of what beauty is. We find ourselves comparing our lives to the ladies who selectively choose what they post on their Instagram, when these same ladies are comparing themselves to OTHER women to match their lifestyle.

We have to stop comparing ourselves to the standards we believe, and start comparing ourselves only to who we were yesterday. 

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Thank you to my family, MIP Los Angeles, friends, fellow bloggers & followers for making this vision become reality. I love you all and cannot wait to grow with you all with this movement.