Coffee as a Pre-Work Out

So, I'm sitting here on a Sunday afternoon... I went to church this morning and cleaned my apartment a bit. I'm contemplating on working out but realized I am out of pre-work out. Waking up at 5am every day, pre-work out is an essential to my work out routine. When I'm out of pre-work out, I use coffee as an alternative. I thought I'd share with you guys this tip because it could be useful!

It only makes sense, right? Coffee has caffeine & pre-work out has caffeine. If you are new to working out and don't want to spend the big bucks for supplements, try coffee! We can get that huge boost of energy, perform that last rep, & just simply last through a rough work out by drinking coffee. Some benefits include: Fat Burning | Train Longer | Boosts Energy | Decreases Sore Muscles 

What type of coffee should you drink? It's all in your preference. The delicious Fraps at Starbucks aren't going to do the trick. Dark roasted coffee has less caffeine & light roasted coffee has more caffeine in it. It's best to take your coffee black. Yeah, I know.. it's not everyone's first choice.. but the sugar and cream is not good for exercising. Personally, I take my coffee black, sometimes with 2 Stevias. I don't like cream or milk. Coffee dehydrates the body so you must drink plenty of water prior to and while exercising!

So pop in that K-Cup in your Keurig, down that cup of coffee & have a good work out! 

P.S. Who loves my coffee mug?! Shout out to my best friend, Odessa, for getting me this for my birthday. Thought it would be relevant to post Miguel's song "Coffee" (Fucking). It goes so well with my mug! lol