Photo from dimepiecela.com

Photo from dimepiecela.com

Since 2007, I've been a huge fan of DimePiece, a lifestyle brand that unequivocally encourages charismatic street style and unapologetic boldness in women's apparel. I remember graduating high school, and being absolutely inspired by the founders of DimePiece, Ashley Jones & Laura Fama. 

FUN FACT: Before receiving my degree in Business Admin for Health Services, I wanted to pursue a career in Fashion and majored a year in it before my parents decided it was not for me. 

Till this day, Laura and Ashley's determination and passion really inspired me to broaden my horizons. 

One day, I was grocery shopping and spotted Ashley Jones. I was definitely too nervous to go up to her because .. maybe it wasn't her? I hate when I question myself like that. lol I ended up contacting her through Instagram and it was her! This was absolute perfect timing. I ended up receiving a package from them and seriously, I was beyond blessed to work with a brand that I've been a fan for so long. 



DimePiece hosted their EMO release party July 17, 2015 at The Standard in Downtown Los Angeles and it was amazing. Can you believe this was my first time at The Standard and I live in DTLA? It was so beautiful and a different vibe for the roof top's that I've been too. As you can tell, their collection was inspired by the delicious In n Out, instead they call it "Eat Me Out". Raw, risque and straight genius. "Quality ya can taste. Since 2007" 

"This collection marks a new standard in design and aesthetic for Dimepiece Los Angeles, as they introduce more cut-and-sew pieces in intricate fabrications. Hand-milled fabrics and easy day-to-night wardrobe staples like kimonos, jerseys and basketball shorts are refined with uneven hemlines and bold side slits that can be found amongst crop tops and bodysuits that one would expect from the brand. "--DIMEPIECE LA

Thank you DimePiece for our goodie bag! What I loved the most about the venue was the projector that projected off the Pegasus Apartments featuring DimePiece! 

It was on a Thursday night, and knowing my old soul.. I knew I was going to be extremely tired for work the next day! lol 

I want to personally thank Laura Fama & Ashley Jones for inviting me. It was extremely humbling finally meeting two of my hugest inspirations in person!