Introducing a new level of greatness: Under Armour's Flow Run Grid  & Speed Form Fortis Running Shoe. 

On the track, streets or in the gym these running shoes compliment my lifestyle, making me stronger and stylish on any given day. The Flow Run Grid is lightweight for running and its mixture of prints and solids will make you look good for victory. The Speed Form Fortis is different with its subtle patterns and adjustable lock down strap makes you feel good and look good. Mixing your favorite pair of sneakers with your daily wear has been the best trend since the invention of sliced bread.

Under Armour released a campaign last year called "I WILL WHAT I WANT". The campaign represents active women who refuse to be defined by limitations. We don't just see the happy ending, but the struggles and setbacks it took to get there. 

"We’re not a campaign; not a season or snapshot. 

Our story isn’t told through a press release or social post. 

It’s dripping down our backs–each drop a declaration to prove

that the space between woman and athlete is no space at all.

We’re UA Women. And we WILL what we want."


I WILL WHAT I WANT gives women an opportunity to get out their comfort zone, push their limits to a whole new level & won't care what anyone will think. 

Growing up naturally thin, I was teased & bullied. I also had rumors spread about me that I had an eating disorder. I felt limited doing any type of sport because I was programmed to think that thin girls aren't capable of doing so. I was perceived as physically weak which lead me to be mentally weak. Discovering my passion for health & fitness has allowed me to create my own success. I started lifting weights and lifting my confidence while doing so. I went from caring what everyone thought of me to not caring at all. One of the greatest pleasures in life is doing what others say you can't. You hold the paint brush to this blank canvas you call LIFE. Paint it how you want to paint it.

Strong is the new beautiful.

Photographer: Ron Holden | @HoldenFocus | www.ronholdenphoto.com

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