I had the most amazing time at the launching of Young & Reckless' new active wear line. It was held at an amazing venue, the Caspar House, that is normally a mattress show room--Wait wha? Yeah, I know.

First off, can we just take the time to appreciate the beautiful entrance at the Casper House? It was unreal where this event was located. You can literally see Downtown Los Angeles & Santa Monica 

The view was absolutely breath taking! Being the little workaholic I am, I often forget how to socialize. Lol I had a bit anxiety attending, but so glad I had the courage to go because I met so many amazing people. 

On top of the unlimited mimosas, snacks and freshly made juice, there were a few cool things they had at this event:

  • Braid Bar
  • Nail Bar
  • Massages 
  • Photo booth
  • A gift bag including an Y&R Activewear outfit 



Shout out to Diana of Young & Reckless for welcoming me with open arms! I barely met her that day, and I'm glad I did! She's a beautiful soul who I instantly connected with. Side bar: Her sneaker collection is out of this world!!




I want to thank Cortne for inviting me to this special event. I feel very honored to work with her and she has been a new inspiration to me! Along with marketing for Young & Reckless, she is also a DJ (I know, instant turn on, right?).


P.S. The photo booth at the was straight fire. lol Absolutely loved it! 

I fell in love with how beautiful the decor was. Everything was so.. modern (yes, I had to mention it haha). Being the snacker that I am, I was so pleased to see healthy snacks to munch on before and after Yoga! 



There were yoga classes in session while the release party was happening. I haven't done Yoga in so long, so it was really refreshing to be able to practice it outdoors with this beautiful view of Los Angeles! I think it would have been more relaxing if the sun wasn't beaming down on us so hard. Namastay indoors next time! 

#WCWOMAN Spotlight: Claudia DeMarco

I met Claudia, founder of TruVitality, at the event. I cannot wait to post her on #WCWOMAN because she became an absolute inspiration to me. Would you believe she is the mother of 5 children? It shocked me when I read that on her Instagram! She is a successful business woman, a mother and overall fitness beauty! I not only found her health journey inspirational, I also found it in hearing the hustle that started her business. She puts in hard work! We got to talking as she made her infamous Matcha Green Tea Latte, and found instant connection. It was definitely refreshing after a yoga session! What's good about it is you can make the Latte on your own! She offers recipes on her site. Check it out: Match Green Tea Latte

I had so much fun at the Young & Reckless Event! Thanks again to Cortne & Diana for showing me a great time! I can't wait to see what's next for the upcoming active wear lines!


Check out their new female active wear line: Vitality Collection