Photo by  Ron Holden

Photo by Ron Holden

How long did it take you to get "well known"? I'm starting a blog and I really feel like no one will ever care

Being "well known" as a blogger is seldom to happen over night. I have been actively blogging since I was 19 years old & did it even when no one was looking. I still don't think I'm that "well known". It's the hustle behind success and passion throughout the struggle that will eventually be seen. Keep doing what you're doing because there's a time and place for everyone! I'd love to check out your blog! 

What's one thing you want to accomplish within the next 5 years?

One thing?! I hope to accomplish more, but I'd really like to work for myself within 5 years!

What advice do you have for college students with extra curricular activities, who are struggling to find time for making their fitness goals happen?

My advice is that it's POSSIBLE. You have to make it a priority, not an option to work out. All you need is an hour a day to achieve greatness. Remember, we have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.. soooo get ya Yonce on! 

Can we be friends? lol

Uh yeaaaa!? :) 

How long did you train for Nike Women's Half Marathon?

I followed the Nike Women's Half Marathon training app. It was a huge help to me because I was new to running! With that app, I trained for 14 weeks. :)

All your pictures are so inspiring and I've always wanted to model athletic clothes like you do. What advice do you have for starting out?

Thank you so much! I don't necessarily consider myself as a model. I am a blogger which can be misconstrued. Social media has made it even easier for brands to notice you. Try having someone take pictures for your social media and tag brands that are relative to that picture!

I’d like to ask how exactly did you start? How did you get companies to invite you for launch parties and all? How can I get my blogs to get well-known as yours? Also, how did you get companies to sponsor you? 

I started blogging since I was 19. I did it because I loved writing and putting outfits together to express myself. I built my followers by simply just being myself. There are many bloggers out there that can look the same, but no one has your personality. 5 out of the 7 years of blogging I wasn't invited to anything nor get "sponsored" by any brands. Being a well-known blogger does not happen over night. I still don't think I'm well-known. lol Your time will come when it's supposed to! I've made blogging to inspire others a priority, working/collaborating with brands was an additional blessing. Chase the purpose! 

Have you ever had days when you just feel like skipping a day’s blog and pig out?

I work full time as a project specialist on top of blogging and running #WCWOMAN. I have my days where I just need rest. I dedicate one meal out of the weak to pig out! I've grown accustom to a busy lifestyle that it just comes natural that I keep hustling! 

How did you start modernfit?

I have a tumblr called Modern Edge and wanted to document my fitness journey. I named it Modern Fit to reflect my own personal style with my fitness :) 


If you guys have anymore questions, feel free to comment or email me! :) Thanks! 

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