Is it just me or has this year gone by so fast?! August went by so quickly, but one thing was for sure is that I needed to tap into a different element with fitness for September. I had the amazing opportunity to try a Lagree work out. If you're wondering what that is, don't worry I had no idea either. 

"The Lagree Fitness workout is a total-body program that melds together elements of pilates, cardio training and weight-bearing activity to create a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind exercise program."

Sounds intimidating? Don't be afraid because I was too until I actually stepped into this BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED studio. The staff was very nice & helpful! I feel extremely blessed to have the VIP experience where they already had a bag of goodies waiting for me. 

3 things you'll need for this class:

  1. ToeSox or Nike Studio Wraps (definitely will be necessary to avoid slipping on the megaformer)
  2. Towel
  3. Water Bottle (The studio has hot & cold water available for refilling your bottle-convenient!)

Oh My Megaformers. This contraption is a beast and works your body in ways that barbells or dumbells can. What I love about the Megaformer is that it has a resistance feature that can be controlled by YOU. 

I LOVED this class because I used all my muscles in a different form that really shocked my body (in a good way). My abs burned sooo good, you can really feel it working in each exercise you do. The ab portion of the class was literally the best ab work out I've done in a while! 

What I love most about this place is that they offer all your  post workout needs right in the studio. It seems like they display the  juices right after every class which is always nice to have cold. 

High quality juices and snacks but also high prices as well. But hey, you get what you pay for and it tasted amazingggg!

Overall, I loved this class. The Studio MDR has different levels of classes, and I wish they had more 1.0 classes (the basics) available. Because there aren't many 1.0 classes, it's hard for me to schedule classes that fits with my work schedule. It's not like you can go straight to the next level..1.0 was already challenging enough! lol However, I can't wait to take more classes!


I want to thank Eileen from The Studio MDR for blessing me with this opportunity!

Disclaimer: I received the VIP Experience in exchange for sharing my review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.