I've unexpectedly stepped into a brand new chapter in my life recently. Being in my twenties, I realized that almost every decision I make now will dictate my future greatly. I don't want to settle for comfort because it's something I feel safe in. This goes for anything from my career to the people I keep in my life. 

So what happened? I hate to be dramatic, but wording this is awkward as hell. I'm now doing life by myself with no companion. This isn't a bash post on my ex, because I still fully respect and care for him as a person. Our relationship didn't end in bad blood. 

The company you keep will help shape you in someway or another. As Kanye says, "they say people in your life are seasons and everything happens for a reason." Relationships will have problems. It's inevitable. As you grow together, the relationship will grow. In my case, we didn't grow together, we grew apart. I realize THAT'S OKAY. Better we discovered that now, than discovering it married and two kids deep. As much as we resist to change because it could be scary, we have no choice but to face it. I believe that some things need to be let go in order for you to see the bigger picture. In hindsight, that tough decision you had to make was absolutely necessary. 

I've learned a lot about myself with this break up. Acceptance is really crucial to the healing process, and that's why I feel FREE today because I accepted it. It has taken me numerous tries to even post this because I like to keep my private life...private. However, I felt the need to share this because I hope this helps someone to make a decision that is BEST for them in every situation. 

"DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY" Well, it's definitely easier said than done. Sometimes you think the things that MAKE you happy are actually things that MADE you happy. If you can work it out, GREAT, but you don't want to get fixated in a career or relationship you're not genuinely happy with just because it's comfortable. In my case, our break up was mutual. As much as it was painful, it was also a relief for the both of us. This doesn't mean he's a bad person, or I'm a terrible person. I believe he truly is a good man, but he's the not the man for me. 

I've kept a positive mindset throughout this season in my life. I believe the first step to the healing process is to forgive yourself. I've learned to accept the decisions that were made in order for me to be temporarily sad but happy in the long run. I can honestly say that I'm happy. This is me. This is being free. 



For anyone in their 20s, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND READING  "The Defining Decade" by Meg Jay, PhD. Pleaseeeee it's amazing. I'm about half way through, and it's helped me tremendously with LIFE. 

<3 Michelle.










Photography by @virisayong