1. Baseball Hats

I'm absolutely in love with baseball hats. Pair them with anything to make an outfit look more athletic. I also adore the fact that you can buy plain ones that are cheaper or even try to find one in your dad's closet. 

2. Mid-Length Hair

Even before I cut my hair, I was obsessed with mid length hair. The cut adds a sense of sophistication while simultaneously looking sexy in a crop top. My hair was old, long & definitely not luscious. Getting a fresh chop was a huge fresh start for me!

Outfit provided by Tobi | Photographer: Ron Holden

Outfit provided by Tobi | Photographer: Ron Holden

3. Modern Rustic Decor

Moving into my new apartment, I feel obsessed with home decor. I love Quartz counters, neutral colors, open spaces & grey wood! My goal is to have a place that looks like below. It's getting there! Pictures soon :)

4. Trousers

Straight or Wide Leg. Obsessed is an understatement! It's sexy, sophisticated & screams empowerment. 

6. Carbon 38 ft. Alo Yoga

I've been adoring Carbon 38's Alo Yoga. It's not only stylish, but extremely supportive in all the right areas. My favorite is the white leggings because it's so easy to style in and out of the yoga studio

Photographer: Ron Holden @HoldenFocus

Photographer: Ron Holden @HoldenFocus

7. Crow

Yes, the crow. I've been practicing yoga since the new year started and one thing I really wanted to accomplish was the crow. Once you are able to do it, you feel a sense of reward!

Photo credit:  Yoga Photo

Photo credit: Yoga Photo



Nothing like burning calories to clear the soul

9. Adidas "Future Craft Tailored Fibre"

No need to elaborate on how amazing this shoe is. 

Photo by  MissBish

Photo by MissBish

10.  Reckless Girls Activewear

The latest release of Reckless Girls Activewear got me feeling some type of way

Photo cred: @dianakmir

Photo cred: @dianakmir