I can't tell you guys how much I am in love with my Harem pants from Tobi. It gives that sophisticated edge that Modern Fit loves with the trouser/jogger type feel. You would think that recycling the same colors constantly would look redundant, but it's really all about how you style different pieces together.

I paired these trousers with a racer crop that actually is thick material. I finished the outfit off with this draped olive green jacket as well! 




As usual, my schedule has been tight lately. Although I'm constantly on the go, I have never felt so motivated to blog! Been focusing a lot on time managements (it's about damn time), and my fitness progress has been slowly but surely progressing! How are you all doing with your work outs? If you guys have any tips on time management, feel free to comment and let us know! 

Have a good weekend all <3

Photographer: Ron Holden | @HoldenFocus |