Adidas Stan Smiths  here

Adidas Stan Smiths here

It's Spring Forward! I take this literally, because my primary focus is to keep moving forward. Aside from more photo shoot time due to longer daylight & losing a precious hour of sleep, it also means time to start fresh and create new goals! 

Spring Cleaning doesn't just mean clean out your old clothes, it also means de-cluttering any negativity in your life. We don't got time for that! 

Life has always been extremely busy for me ever since I've been working a 9-5, working out, blogging & collaborating with brands. Keep in mind that I also have somewhat of a social life. My boyfriend keeps me sane most of the time if I'm getting too stressed. My biggest flaw (still) is trying to find the balance of it all. Feel free to comment/email if you know any tips to balance all this ! lol 

In the midst of this chaos I call "life", I learned that you must keep moving forward. Can't sit and complain about all the shit that's going on your life. You just have to do it & do it like a BOSS. 

Thank you, @ChampsSports for my Adidas' Stan Smiths!

Stan Smith's available at Champs Sports

Photographer: Ron Holden | @HoldenFocus | www.ronholdenphoto.com