I've been working on my original plan for Modern Fit and that is being a helpful resource to you all for your healthy lifestyle needs. In the works are posts including: work outs, healthy recipes and some straight up inspirational posts that can get you closer to meeting your goals. 

TRUTH BE TOLD, I LOVE WEIGHT TRAINING. Although I'm associated with running in many of my posts, I started my fitness journey in the gym. It was and still is the reason why Modern Fit is alive. In 2014, I wanted to try running. I hated running almost all my life because I honestly had no endurance whatsoever. To be honest, to this day, my endurance still sucks as a long distance runner. 

SO WHY DID I TRY RUNNING? Because I failed at it when I was younger. I wanted to be better and challenge myself physically and mentally. My ultimate goal was to run a half marathon. I did just that. I tried running a couple years before that and just got discouraged because people were much faster than me. Proving to myself that I was able to do this, was more satisfying than proving it to others. As much as the actual half marathon was amazingly fun and crazy motivating, I noticed huge changes to my body internally and externally. 

I STOPPED RUNNING. Being naturally skinny, it took me years to gain muscle and to find the right balance in my diet to gain healthy weight. Running whilst weight training was extremely contradicting. Running 5 miles but trying to gain weight at the same damn time was far too hard for me to keep up with.  I lost my muscle + some weight and looked unhealthy. Not saying it's not possible, but I am saying that focusing on two work outs that seemed to be the opposite ends of the fitness spectrum was extremely difficult. If you can do it, then go on with ya bad self! 

EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. Some people are runners, yogis, body builders etc. It's okay to try new things and discover what you really enjoy. It won't be a good work out if you tried it and still don't like it. I love training in the gym and feel like it's my home where I can really let go and relieve some stress. 

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Thank you @Adidas for gifting me this outfit to style.