Working when you don't have to is the true definition of passion. Germ & I finally had a Saturday off with no projects, no events, no work. We ultimately wanted a lazy Saturday, but we ended up having a little photo shoot with all my boosts. I recently just bought a @boostvibes basketball just to lay around as decor around my apartment. It was definitely a team effort, but Germ came up with the idea of getting all my boosts together and creating all this. Don't knock us guys, this is fun to us. haha As much as we love going out to concerts, views, trying out new restaurants, we also love to be homebodies. 

I didn't realize how many pairs I actually had till it was all laid out on my coffee table. I'm eternally grateful for all the pair of shoes, and do my best to give back! Things get piled up easily and I always set a side the clothes and shoes I don't wear to the Philippines. Balikbayan box, FTW. Speaking of giving back! I've always wanted to get the Boost Vibes basketball, but I was very quick to purchase because I saw that they will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Miami & Texas Diaper Bank to help take part in the relief aid. Definitely interested in giving back in different ways. After everything happening in the world, we can definitely get together as a fitness community and really make a difference <3