A couple of weeks ago, I attended an event hosted by ATYPE & Nice Kicks called "Monetize Your Side Hustle". Thanks to Ray P from Nice Kicks, he invited me to be part of the panel and of course I couldn't turn down the opportunity! Definitely blessed to have had the chance to speak in front of others and inspire. I'm so used to hiding behind my laptop and my phone, so this was definitely switching things up.

I got to sit by some amazing creatives that I truly admire: Ray P, Jeff Malabanan, Sophia Chang, & Gianni Lee moderated by Duran Brown. 

I felt like helping out more so earlier this week I asked my followers if they have any questions regarding blogging, influencing, fitness or lifestyle. Hope you guys enjoy!





 When did you start your blogging career and is this the only job you are currently working on? Or is this a side hustle? Also, what inspired you to want to start your own blog?

I've been blogging for as long as I can remember. I fell in love with the freedom of self expression. I had a Xanga, Blogger, Live Journal, Tumblr, etc. You name it, I had it. Tumblr was the starting point for Modern Fit (2014) where it originally stemmed from my lifestyle blog - Modern Edge in 2009. 

I wanted to log my fitness journey but keep it separated from Modern Edge. So I created Modern Fit not knowing the opportunities it would bring me. I just wanted others to be inspired to live a healthy lifestyle and bring my own twist to it by adding my own personal style to the mix.

This is not my only job. I work a full time position as a Project Analyst at an energy company! I am also obviously a blogger and an adidas/Finish Line ambassador!

What were the beginning steps of when you started a blog? I understand that you have an enormous following, so did you start off with an enormous group of followers when you started your blog? Or did you have to start from not so many followers? And if so, how did you manage to gain a good amount of followers to be interested in your blog/Instagram?

I had to identify what type of blog I wanted to create, and decipher if I was really passionate about it. Fitness? Fashion? Food? Sneakers? Lifestyle? Travel? Stick with it because this well help determine your followers! 

I don't believe I had an enormous group of followers. I started gaining more engagement with Modern Edge, which was more of my personal, lifestyle blog. I promoted Modern Fit on it (tastefully) and those who were interested, followed. It was a slow start with building followers on Modern Fit to get it at the same level as Modern Edge. However, it's not an overnight success- I knew that coming into the game. I just wanted to help people even if it's just one person. 

I manage to gain a good amount of followers by being engaged with them. I don't care about numbers, I care about the people who follow me! Quality over quantity. :) It goes a long way and builds a legacy for yourself.

How did you know what your blog was going to be about? I'm so torn and can't decide. How did you overcome fear because that's what's holding me back big time

Blogs are about self-expression, your interests & passions. It was very apparent to me what my blog would be about because I'm so passionate about inspiring others in my own style. I believe blogs are beautiful because you have stories that no one has ever read before. Make your blog YOU, and the right people will follow. Fear can't hold passion back from doing its thing in the world!

What do you do for a living? How do you balance your career and blog AND IG?

I work full time as a Project Analyst at an energy company, blog for Modern Fit and am also an ambassador for adidas/Finish Line.

It takes strong time management skills and took years for me to master it. I'm still learning as time goes on, but it's been a healthy balance so far. I have Google Calendar, a white board calendar at home and a notebook to keep me going! I also have to balance my family & my relationship. You have to make sacrifices and I did that by cutting off my social life. I used to go out all the time, and now I have absolutely no care for it!

a lot of us work M-F; 9-5 and come home tired not wanting to do much. How do you motivate yourself to MAKE the time to accomplish your goals?

I feel you too much on this. I work a fulltime job as well! It's not easy, so I definitely give you props. It was hard for me to adjust working a 9-5 then clock back into my side 5-9. I got lazy some days, but you just have to be HUNGRY FOR IT. When I got lazy, I realized that I was treating my side hustle as a hobby. My goal is to turn my side hustle into my full time hustle. You have to plan, execute and make sure you schedule rest time for YOURSELF to avoiding hitting plateau.

How do bloggers get invited to events or go on trips and stuff?

Bloggers typically get contacted by the event coordinator through emails or Instagram. This is why social media presence is important! Trips are often sponsored by brands, hotels or destinations. I have only been on 2 trips and they were sponsored by adidas. 





Not sure if this is on your blog, but I'd love to know how you became an adidas Ambassador :)

I really wish I can give you the DIRECT answer, because it was a long process! I am first with Finish Line exclusively to adidas. Confusing, I know. Posted relevant content, tagged adidas consistently & they contacted me! Brands love to see influencers really engage with their product and create beautiful content. Your social channel is like your resume.

How did you receive your sponsorships? Like Finish line & Adidas?

I have to whole heartedly thank Instagram for giving me a platform because I was able to showcase my own style and tag appropriate brands. That's one way they can notice you! That's honestly the only thing I did and believe me, I didn't know that they would contact me. I just posted for the love of the brands and they saw that in me. 

Also, what's the best advice you can give someone who's trying to become an influencer? Aka me lol. Thanks!!

Be 100% authentic. Think outside the box and treat your social channels as a business portfolio. Preparation is key to building the perfect content for your Instagram. Do your research & look at your overall IG grid and stick with a certain type of aesthetic (monochromatic tones, colorful). Download the app Mosaico, which you can schedule & plan photos to be posted on Instagram. Engage with your followers and don't focus on numbers, it will really fuck with your head. Focus on quality vs quantity! There's a high chance you will not get contacted right away, but that's why you have to maintain consistency. 

How did you get into fitness and what made you become an influencer?

I've always been active. I danced Polynesian competitively growing up and found my way to the gym when I stopped competing. I never really aspired to be an influencer. I started blogging when "influencers" weren't even a thing yet, and I literally was just posting my own clothes that I bought with my own money. 

How do you get free stuff from brands? Is it all connects from you know?

Instagram helped me network with amazing brands and retailers such as adidas, Nike, Finish Line, Champs. When you produce quality content, they see you as a marketing asset and want to work with you. And to be completely blunt, brands can tell if you're in it for the free stuff! That's what made influencing so saturated to me. Be genuine with your intentions, work hard and watch your success flourish!

Also, how much time do you dedicate to ig VS your blog?

I'd say 80% Instagram, 20% Blog






I really take a look at where I am at that very moment and reflect my self-care. I feel like when you lack motivation, you aren't taking care of yourself first & you're just burnt out. When I feel low, I take a break oddly enough. Don't forget a little TLC goes a long way to your mental health!

What is the best yoga mat and foam roller? :)

I got you girl. These are the exact ones I use and they're absolutely amazing. Good quality so it's meant to last!


What's the best way to suppress hunger without starving?

A healthy balanced diet + plenty of water. The way I suppress hunger and build metabolism is eating every 2 hours. This doesn't mean a huge meal every couple hours! For example, I eat breakfast, then snack on a banana 2 hours later, 2 hours later lunch, 2 hours later almonds and yogurt, etc. Water really helps curve unhealthy cravings, helps with weight loss and replenishes your body!

Hello.. I just want to ask if you ever had hip dips.. and how did you get Rid of it? Thank you and have a great day! <3<3

Hi! I don't believe I do. I actually had to google "hip dips" lol. I also don't have the widest hips either. Violin hips are absolutely normal for women. Hip dips have nothing to do with excessive weight gain or loss, it's really your body's natural anatomy. Your gluteus medius isn't a meaty muscle, so there's not much you can do with exercise. When people have them, it means they have a high fat deposit in the dips. You can minimize hip dips with certain exercises, but I cannot tell you that it will 100% work based on your natural built! Hope this helps :)

Hey Michelle, so I'm in the process of trying to lose weight. I just need help with some meal prep ideas! I used to count my macros and meal prep, but it takes 2-3 hours out of my Sunday/Monday and sometimes I just don't have time for that. If I don't end up meal prepping, then I just end up eating out because it's so convenient. I know you're super busy as well, please send me some times that'll help me balance school, work, fitness, and my health. Thank you! <3

Hi love! First off, kudos to you for trying to live a healthier life! To be honest, I get lazy too when it comes to meal prep ideas! I used to make breakfast burritos (whole wheat tortilla, egg whites, spinach, onion and turkey bacon) and freeze them. This helped save a lot of time and I didn't have to worry about it spoiling. I also make sandwiches too if I'm really lazy! I've also been baking my chicken and vegetables. It's awesome because I don't have to worry about flipping the chicken or stirring the vegetables! While that's cooking, that's when I usually do chores around the house to kill two birds with one stone. Sadly, there's no EASY way to prep meals. It really is time consuming, but I'd rather focus on one day to prepare and not worry about it for the rest of the week! If you do eat out, try going to healthy places! Flame Broiler or Waba Grill is a great choice. I also like to visit Whole Foods and grab a hot plate there. If time is a huge issue, you can always try a meal prep service, but it can get pricey!. Preparation is the key to achieving your goals, we just have to mentally prepare ourselves for the time it takes. I hope this helps. I know you will succeed <3

Best workout routine to get fit, or best diet or how you stay Fit, you choose!

The best workout routine ultimately lies within your fitness goals! I can only speak for myself, because every body is different! However, I cannot stress enough the importance of a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water, make sure you get your nutrition in and exercise often. The golden rule is 80% diet 20% exercise! 



Shout out to ATYPE, Nice Kicks & Vice for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Special thanks to my love, German, for supporting me and also Kenneth, Lisa & Ken for coming. Y'all are the realest!