So 2018 just started & I'm so hyped to start the new year with a fresh vision. A fresh vision comes with new inspiration & outlook on life. I'm very selective on who I follow. If I follow you, it's because 1) I know you personally, 2) You  inspire me in some way, shape or form. There are several of Instagram accounts I follow that I want to list on here, but these accounts truly hit a soft spot for me! 



I came across Jules' Instagram one day in complete AWE with her photos. She travels often and you can tell she truly grasps the culture wherever her feet takes her. Before I went on my Oregon trip, I definitely was inspired by her adventures. She not only takes pictures for the gram, but really raises awareness for certain causes (ie. not riding elephants in Thailand, but you can spend time with them at an Elephant sanctuary where they do no harm). 

I was so happy to find out she actually follows me & now, we're planning on becoming BFF's Feb 2018 S/O to baby girl LOL 



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This boss ass bitch came into my life a couple of years ago. This girl isn't your average blogger, because she's not just a blogger. She's also a consultant, social media manager and world traveler. Every time I have lunch with her, she makes me feel like I have to get to work. Her blog is a great resource for bloggers like building a media kit, growing on social media and learning to remain authentic and true to yourself & your brand. Social media can be fake and saturated but Lisa never fails to show realness, unfiltered reviews and honesty because she doesn't hold anything back. 



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It's really hard for me to get inspiration nowadays for fitness. I feel like everyone tries too hard, but Krissy gives off positive vibes and not to mention, her body is serious goals. She not only shares her work outs, but she also provides important tips like proper form & diet. She is currently studying law while simultaneously kicking ass in the gym & Instagram. She's always hustling whether it be hitting the books or the gym, I feel like I resonate with her on that level. She's definitely been a heavy influence on my fitness game thus far.



I met Winnie a couple of years ago and we just clicked organically. Not only is she amazingly sweet, but she knows her shit. Literally, she has a B.S. in Nutrition and makes some bomb dishes! I got really inspired by her recipes especially because I make the same old chicken & brown rice! Winnie really helps me switch up my meal plans and makes it more fun to be in the kitchen. Her Instagram always makes me hungry so follow with caution :P


Follow them. Get inspired by them & indulge in your craft whatever it may be!