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A quick trip is less stressful than a long vacation and can boost your creativity.

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Hitting a plateau can be the worst. When you hit that stage, it can be extremely frustrating. I’ve learned that changing your scenery, even just for a weekend can really help boost yourself again to becoming motivated & energized in all avenues. You just have to stop, take a step back and breathe sometimes! We all get so wrapped up in getting things done that we forget to take care of ourselves first.

Lisa, who is my friend and travel & lifestyle blogger, invited me to a weekend getaway to Miramonte Resort & Spa in Indian Wells. I can’t thank her enough for bringing me because she truly knew I needed to get away from the city and gain a fresh perspective.

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Fitness has been part of my life for several years now.

I was excited when I found out that Miramonte Resort & Spa offers a fitness center. It’s mandatory that I get in a work out even when I am on vacation! I appreciate a resort that not only has a fitness center but a fully equipped one at that. I’ve been to several hotel gyms with high expectations to only find 1 treadmill, 1 bike and some dumbbells. This gym has a wide range of equipment such as: treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, dumbbells, cables, and various leg machines. They also have your key core equipment such as ab balls and medicine balls. It was nice to get a work out in before wearing a bathing suit!

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60 minute massage

is about the same as 7-8 hours 

of sleep to your body

For those of you guys who don’t know, I lack a huge amount of sleep. It’s actually unhealthy and scary at the same time what it has done for my body.

Have any of you all ever woke up from your own snoring? LOL IT ME. Lisa and I went to get massages at Miramontes Resort & Spa, and it was the best massage I ever had. I couldn’t tell you how many knots I had and how tense I felt. Working a 9-5, blogging, and working out really takes a toll on my body. It definitely doesn’t help that I sleep on average 4-5 hours a night. I get so wrapped up in my work that I forget to unwind. Getting away for a weekend with good company was the best thing I could do for my overall wellness. There comes a point where you just have to take a break from your hustle and truly relax.

After our massages, we relaxed and had pool side service deliver us drinks & food. It was care free stuffing our faces with delicious appetizers and entrees poolside. Although the resort seemed to host several guests, we were still able to have our own privacy in a cabana.

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Needless to say, my mini getaway was absolutely necessary for my mental health. Miramontes Resort & Spa was the perfect oasis for peace & relaxation. I can’t thank @ByLisaLinh & Miramontes Resort & Spa enough for reminding me again what relaxation is all about!