• 2 eggs with turkey bacon on whole wheat tortillas
  • Side of fresh strawberries
  • Sambazon Acai Juice


Mediterranean food has got to be one of my favorite types of food pushing next to my guilty pleasure of Italian. We wanted something flavorful yet health conscious, so we decided to go to Sidewalk Grill. I decided to get the Filet Mignon Skewer with rice, vegetables, hummus, pita bread and EXTRA garlic paste (I LOVE GARLIC!). 


Sunday brunches are my absolute favorite thing to do on the weekend. It's like celebrating the last day of freedom til you have to go back to work. After church, we decided to go to Off Street Cafe which is honestly the cutest place ever! They have so many healthy options here as well, so a definite sign I'm coming back and trying them all!

  • Egg whites, tomatoes, green onions, ground turkey
  • Brown rice & whole wheat tortillas with salsa
  • Black coffee
  • 2 egg skillet with country potatoes, bell peppers & bacon with a side of toast

**YELPERS! If you check in for the first time, then you get a warm delicious cinnamon bun (guilty, yes..). It's so good with your coffee!