Walk By Faith, Not By Sight

You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.
— Unknown

Last week's outreach was indeed a powerful one. Every day, I appreciate the life that I have, but there's something about visiting Skid Row that always reminds me to value the minor things. It's a reality check for all of us. Before I complain, I shall count my blessings.

Anthony, a US Navy Veteran, who resides in Skid Row. We offered him a LoVe bag, and he blessed us with wisdom, knowledge & faith. After receiving his LoVe bag, he actually left and went on with his day. He then came back while we were still setting up & asked if he could lead in prayer. We asked if he would like to join us that morning and he politely said no. A few moments later, Anthony changed his mind and grabbed all the bags he could carry. He joined the mission & offered LoVe bags to those in need with us. He told us that he walks by faith, not by sight. We united & became a family as he protected us & made sure we stuck together on the streets of Skid Row, Los Angeles. 

He was a leader. He organized our group into two separate groups. Since there were more girls than boys, he wanted 4 guys with one group & 4 guys with the other group. Our group was with Anthony, and it just touched my heart to see this man who was so enriched with faith that it became his wealth. A man who possessed little but still wanted to give back to his community. This man was OUR blessing. 


Anthony called us his family. It felt like privilege to be called family from him. He made sure no one was left behind. He introduced us to his homies as his family. How awesome is this guy!?! This post is dedicated to Anthony. He has forever changed my heart & motivated me to do more. (Anthony shown in the middle)