Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel
— Kevin Trudeau

I've crossed off many things on my bucket list this year, but I have yet to cross off mastering & understanding the art of Yoga. I always feel the need to challenge my body through different types of physical activity, and yoga is definitely challenging. Yoga has several health benefits like improving strength, flexibility and decreasing stress. Throughout my private session, I learned to appreciate yoga & not to be scared of pushing my limits. 

Lalique, a yoga instructor & dear friend of mine, paired up with me and blessed me with her wisdom. I've done yoga before, but it was always at 24 Hour Fitness where it wasn't personal. I never knew if I was performing the correct poses or if I was actually harming myself. Lalique was so informative, explained & corrected my poses. After a long day sitting on my ass in a cubicle, it felt nice to be outdoors focusing on positivity. I'm so glad that I went to her because she inspired me to continue with Yoga! I am really trying to incorporate Yoga with my weightlifting. Wish me luck! 

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