Nike Women's Half Marathon Preparation

What have you gotten yourself into, Michelle? I have fully committed to myself to something I've been wanting to do but to scared to do it for the longest time. I, Michelle, am running the Nike Women's Half Marathon on October 19, 2014. 

For those of you who know me or have been following my journey, I hate running. This event is something I have to prove to myself that I can do what I thought was the impossible. Yes, you might say I'm in shape, but running is a completely different element from strength training. I am so excited for this journey because it will definitely help me grow not only physically but mentally and physically.

Join me as I will be documenting my preparation &  training for this incredible event!


Today was my first day of training for the 13.1. I started off with 3 miles around LACMA. Thankfully, I ran with my dear MIP sista, Jenay. I'm so glad that I started with her on this journey.  It was so beautiful to run around a city that I just moved to and am unfamiliar with. 



While running, I had a million thoughts running through my head:

-"Am I really fit enough to do this?"

-"WTF?! I'm already tired and we're only 3 minutes in."

-"I'm already dying at 3 miles.. Imagine doing this marathon...."

-"I should have worn a different shirt."

"FACT: I need music period." (My phone died)

then I started to become positive...

"Stop being a bitch, Michelle and just run!"

"Stop saying you can't, start thinking you can."

"If I could do this without music, then imagine with music?!"

"One step closer to victory."




Wish all of you the best of health!