BAG IT UP: Gym Essentials

What's a greater essential than an outfit that speaks YOU?


  1. TOWEL- Your fellow gym rats will thank you for wiping your sweat
  2. WIPES-I always carry wipes with me when I work out. If the gym runs out of sanitizer, I wipe down any equipment I'm using! 
  3. HAND SANITIZER-Sanitize those hands! Sometimes you're in a hurry to leave and you forget to wash your hands, you'll have back up if you store this small & powerful essential!
  4. DEODORANT- I've said this before & I'll say it again.. If you can afford a gym membership, I know y'all can afford deodorant! Travel size anything is your best friend for packing up!
  5. DRY SHAMPOO-Have to head somewhere after? I normally don't like this, but worst case, I use this to cover up all the hard work you put in the gym. 
  6. HEADBANDS & HAIR TIES-Never know when your hair will be your worst enemy at the gym. Keep your hair away from your face with some headbands so you can get to focusing! I always used to forget to wear a hair tie, so I always bring extra in my bag just in case!
  7. LOCK-If you have to bring your gym bag in the gym, then please don't forget to lock up your stuff! Last thing you want is to carry your bag around the gym or have it stolen.
  8. HEADPHONES-No need for an explanation.. you already know.
  9. WATER BOTTLE (Not Pictured)- Hydrate yourself!
  10. PROTEIN (Not Pictured)Always try to get your protein in after you work out! 

Want to add to the list? Comment!