NWM Training Week 1: Warm Up

The first week of marathon training was an interesting one. I'm slowly getting used to running and enjoying it little by little; I still hate it 95% of the time though. I absolutely miss lifting weights daily, and am in fear that I'll lose whatever progress I made thus far. I find myself more conscious about nutrition as it is vital to this training. I also want to maintain the muscle I have so taking in more protein is a priority for me. 


Training Day 1: Hitting the Concrete vs. The Belt

Distance: 3 miles

I am so used to running on a treadmill (when I actually did run) that when I ran my first day of training on concrete, I felt so weak. Running outdoors vs. in the gym is such a huge difference. I am so paranoid of running outdoors if I am by myself (and I like running by myself). TD1 was with my MIP sista at LACMA. Afterwards, we hit abs at the nearby park.  

3 sets of this Ab Circuit:*

15 reps: Scissor Bicycles

15 reps: Russian Twists

15 reps: Spidermans

15 reps: Burpees

Training Day 2: Me vs. Tired Me

Distance: 4.01 miles

Today was a huge test on the limits of my body. I woke up 5am, work 6:30-12am (took a half day), got ready for a photo shoot, photo shoot ended around 7 in Manhattan, drive from Manhattan Beach to DTLA one hour due to traffic, ate dinner and went home. I was EXHAUSTED. I knew I had to get my miles in. I already started, now the hard part is just keeping a consistency. I ran 4 miles on my treadmill (I know I know.. it was already late and my gym apartment is a lot safer than the streets of LA for a gal). Tired & exhausted, I managed to do it. 

Training Day 3: Back to Business

Work Out: 45 minutes

Time to get back to business! I was waiting for this day to come. Cross training came in full effect Wednesday & I was itching to pump iron. I worked on legs & abs. I was doubting myself (still am) if I am harming my body by doing strength training on my legs, but I am so paranoid I'll lose my butt (what I have of it) if I don't. It wasn't so bad, and I felt good after. 

Training Day 4: Rest Day

What's a rest day? Obviously something that I am unfamiliar with. After work, I took a really long nap. I was still recovering from all the runs and workouts I did prior. So, I cleaned a little and decided to do a light work out involving upper body:

Warm Up:

Jogged 1 mile

Focus: Back, Arms & Abs

 Superset: 3x12 Wide Lat Pull Downs & 3x12 Reversed Wide Lat Pull Downs

3x12 Seated Cable Rows

3x16 Bicep Curls (increasing weight with each set)

3x12 Tricep Push Ups

3x12 Skull Crushers

Ab Circuit shown in TD1*

Training Day 5: Night Run

Distance: 3.01 miles 

I never ran at night at this location, but it was definitely a breath of fresh air. Surprisingly, there were many people out for a Friday night. The view of Downtown LA really motivated me to keep going and don't stop. I felt blessed to have this near by where I live, and even more blessed that I have the ability to run. 

Training Day 6: Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Distance: 4.06 miles

Nike App, seriously? 4 miles after I just ran 3 miles the night before? Well, aint this some bullsh- !! After I accepted the fact that I had to run these miles, I had to focus on distance. Forget the time, focus on the distance ...at least that's what the Nike App advised. On the Run Tour was waiting for me. So, I knew the quicker I finished, the quicker I could get ready for Bey & Jay. 

Training Day 7: Rest Day

Distance: Fuck That

So, I survived my first week. Didn't think I would keep a consistency, but I actually did it! Spent the day for my dad's birthday & had dinner with my mom at night. Life was good :)