Jersey by Sweat the Style, Sneakers by Nike

Photography: Rudy Widjaja Instagram | Website

Don't go where you won't grow. My journey with Modern Fit has been a real eye opener. I had to change my lifestyle and even stray away from certain friends in order for me to grow. It was a little frightening because it was out side my comfort zone. I realized that where I wanted to go would be a lonely journey and I was completely ready for that. 

How can you really grow if all you're doing is the same things every weekend? I don't think I'll learn anything from partying all weekend. If I'm going to party, I want it to be well earned or because I travelled somewhere. When I finally cut out the unnecessary, I felt more creative. 

By going where I will grow, I've met some incredible people like the photographer who killed this shoot! His name is Rudy and he's seriously a good photographer & definitely has a creative soul. Check him out here

I love constantly growing and moving out of LA and into the OC will be another step in that direction. I will still be around in LA for blog work, but I think living the city life is too much for me at this time in my life.. 


Till then, I can't wait to see what the OC brings!