What a perfect way to end my LA living than to run a 5K with 3 other cities around the world? Thanks to Beats By Dre, I had the opportunity to join in on this one of a kind experience. So how could 4 cities run together? Beats By Dre hosted their 5K in Los Angeles, New York, London & Paris all at the same time while listening to the Beats 1 Run radio station. 

The 5K was located in Venice Beach on Sunday 10/25. We were gifted with Beats By Dre Powerbeats 2 Wireless headphones to listen to on the run and shirts to wear as well. Glad to experience this with my boyfriend, Joni & the rest of MIP together! 

Thank you again to BeatsByDre for blessing me with this amazing experience. Let's take it back when I worked with them before! Click here