This really hit the spot for me during church. "Never lose a holy curiosity." -Albert Einstein. It means to never stop learning, growing & sharing your knowledge and experience with others. 

We often choose security over curiosity & we end up sheltered in this tiny box we call our comfort zone. It's in that very place where our dreams seem unlikely & unattainable.

Yes, it got REAL at church and definitely opened up my perspective on how I'm living my life. 

It was Micah Jay's (nephew) 2nd birthday last Monday, & his curiosity and thirst to learn made me realize how much more to life there is. Although I'm twenty-somethingggggg, I find myself just as curious in life & more eager to learn as Micah Jay. 

I cannot believe this little munchkin is becoming a man right before my eyes! I don't see him every day, but I hope he knows that I will always be there for him to guide him through life & his faith. After all, he does have the same side dimple as me! 

I forgot how much I love Polyvore. I made this for all of you to make shopping a little bit easier! 

Shout of to his parents (my brother & sis in law) for creating the cutest & most stylish baby ever!! 

K but side note. I was in much need of seeing a hairstylist. I was planning on going dark, but really wanted to try out a balyage again! I got a ashy blonde which means no orange tints! I'll be sharing some of my hair care routines soon! 


It really does make a huge different when you get your hair done after so long. You feel brand new! I have thick hair so this process took about 5 hours to complete. I found a hairstylist who's amazingggggg and close by to where my boyfriend lives (yay). I will definitely still have my hair in a bun Monday - Friday. lol Just keepin it real! 


& if you don't already know, I post a song per post (most of the time) that's been on my rotation. It's always at the end of the post :) Enjoy!!!

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