Imagine using Redbox but for your face! So, I was really skeptical about rotating sunglasses, but DITTO has made it extremely easy for me to wear designer sunglasses and swap them out when I feel like it. There's good news & bad news with DITTO: Bad news is there are so many popular styles from brands it's kind of hard to order sunglasses that are available (just keepin' it real) but the good news is..

You can get your first month FREE with the promo code: MODERNFIT

The glasses that I chose are from Miu Miu. 


Less than a month till I move away, & I'm beyond excited to have a fresh start in a brand new apartment. My goal ultimately this year was to buy a house, but it was harder than I thought it would be. I was approved for my loan & once I finally found a home that I liked, I got cold feet. 

With all the opportunities rising, buying a home is definitely not on my to do list for now. 

The plan to move into a brand new apartment has expanded my creativity and really pushed me to make my new place amazingggg. I've collected so many inspirations from Instagram and Pinterest, I want to share with you all! Stay tuned because come Winter 2016, I'm adding a Life in STYLE section to my blog with DIY projects, decor and inspirations from yours truly! 

My apartment right now was the very first place I moved into from my parent's house. I slowly started decorating my apartment, just because I wanted to get used to my budget. This time around at my second apartment, me and my roommate are planning on decking out our place. Lucky for the both of us, we have the same taste and feel for the look of our place. 

Side note: Soundcloud has been going hard on some addictive tracks! My favorite at the moment has gottttt to be Ms. Erykah Badu's cover of Hotline Bling

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