I always preach on never choosing convenience (fast food restaurants or junk food) over health no matter how busy you are, but I may have found something that will change all that. Staying healthy isn't just about working out. It's all about eating healthy as well! FreshStax makes it easy for my on-the-go lifestyle because they do the hard work  for you: purchasing and preparing the the freshest ingredients into one jar and also this includes delivering the deliciousness right at your door step! 


I am very selective with what I choose to post on my blog especially when it's about nutrition. I took the time to not only research about this brand but actually try the products. FreshStax promotes healthy living, environment friendly resourcing & giving back.

"Each FreshStax smoothie kit is geared towards complimenting and establishing a healthy lifestyle. We offer both low glycemic (mostly vegetables - great for midday snacks/meal replacement) and high glycemic (perfect for Post-Workout consumption) smoothie kits."

What I love most about FreshStax is the additional goodies that come with it. You can choose anywhere from Chia seeds, protein powder & even peanut butter!

My only concern is forgetting I have them in my fridge and they'll be spoiled :( I don't try to be a forgetful person, but hey it happens. lol 


Overall, I love this company and the message it brings to our community!

Thank you @welovefreshstax!