One of the many reasons I love blogging is meeting and receiving inspiration from others in the game. I've been following @HiLisaa for a while now, and can I just say this girl needs to be a professional model. She is drop dead gorgeous! She and a make up artist started a company that will fulfill all your eyelash needs called Seduire Essentials. 

I attended the Seduire Essentials' launch party at the Black File Nail Salon in the OC a couple of weeks ago. First things first, the nail salon is like none other salon I have ever seen before! Very Instagram worthy lol. This is the first time I ever met Lisa, and she is just the SWEETEST and most down to earth person. 

Everything was aesthetically pleasing! Even the donuts were beautiful! lol 

I am IN LOVE with these eyelashes. They remind me a lot of the usual eyelashes I wear which are the Ardell Wispies. The difference between "MARILYN" and Wispies are the quality. I feel like the Marilyn's are really built to last long. I love the double lash as well that adds more volume to your look. Seduire Essentials has about 5 different kinds of lashes that will fit the needs for any type of woman. 

Did you guys notice the casing to these eyelashes?! Yes, the life expectancy on your lashes will go longer because of a strongly built case like this. It's so practical yet adorable!

Say hello to the beautiful blogger herself, @PauDictado. I haven't seen this lovely in a couple years and it's so so great to see how far she's gone! 

Have to give a shout out to my best friend/therapist/ride or die for being my date! Thank you love youuuuuu










Special thanks to Lisa for inviting me and also want to express how inspiring you are to start living your dreams!