So, I've been meaning to write this post for a very long time. Realistically, this will be my last post for 2015 so I wanted to make it a meaningful one. 

One Friday night, I was picking up take out for myself. I heard a guy in the same shopping complex offering services like getting their car windows cleaned to people going in and out of the parking lot. It sounded familiar to me as I remember a homeless man offering the same services in the same area a couple months prior. 

At that time, I bought him Jamba Juice not knowing that he was diabetic (smooth move Michelle). As that memory played in my head, I turned around and it was him! His name is George. A middle aged Hispanic homeless man smiling while trying to get a customer. I stopped him and it took him a while for him to remember who I was. I already bought my food, but I asked him what he would like for dinner. He said "Really? Oh man, that would be so awesome!" He looks around and decided that he wanted Five Guys Burgers. 

My original plan was to take it to go, and give it to him. But the food took longer than expected and so he came to check in on me. He sat down and I sat down the table across from him. I was first a little bit uneasy about being near him for awhile, but I really wanted to make him feel like.. a person. I wanted him to feel like he's valued because I could imagine how many people would ignore him. 

While waiting for his food, I received many looks. The whole restaurant was staring at us. Yes, I would be too if I were to see a homeless man and a woman together. A woman even asked me inconspicuously, "Ma'am, do you know this guy?" I nodded and politely told her "yes, he's my friend." The smile on this man's face was something I could never forget. 

I wanted to set an example to the restaurant that homeless people are still people. I wanted to make it "normal" that I'm making friends with a homeless man and that we could all spread a little joy in the world with the smallest act of kindness. 

I got to know George a little bit more. He has no wife and doesn't get along with his family. He even remembered my boyfriend before and asked how he was doing. I offered money, but didn't want to take it because he said I've done enough but if I have any work that needs to be done around the house, he's the guy to help. 

One reason why I really wanted to help this guy out is because I see him HUSTLING. He's willing to work for money and not hoping that it would just be handed to him. 

I normally don't put myself out there about who I help unless it's an outreach, but this is something that I want to look back on a read for myself. I also hope this will inspire others to do even the smallest random acts of kindness. It could sure put a smile on someone's face! 


I hope everyone has a good New Years! Be safe <3