Zara Jacket | Nike Sports Bra | F21 Active Leggings | NIKE AF1 Ultra Force Mid Joli

Zara Jacket | Nike Sports Bra | F21 Active Leggings | NIKE AF1 Ultra Force Mid Joli

26 years young on Earth. I am celebrating life. I'm celebrating a body that is ABLE, a heart so deep that all I want to do is help, influence and encourage others & also my faith to keep the two in sync. 

If you ask me, I still feel younger than ever. I've created a lifestyle that makes me happy physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. I've made drastic changes in my lifestyle when I turned 24. I focused more on my dreams, stopped partying, eliminated negative people and really just isolated myself. 

If you have dreams, then go for it. Now's the time to do it. I'm not sure if isolating myself was the best bet for me socially, but my real friends understood how strongly I felt towards achieving my goals. 

I was a party girl. When I say party girl, I was out Thurs-Sun. Thursdays-Downtown Fullerton Friday-Downtown Santa Ana Saturday-Random nights Sunday-Do Over. From ages 21-24, I went to Vegas for my birthday. I stepped out my comfort zone turning 25 and decided to do something different and went to New York. A suburban girl going to a huge city was really scary for me but also exhilarating at the same time. 

I found more to life than just partying. I actually felt ALIVE doing something different. This year, I didn't get a chance to travel for my birthday. To be honest, I was quite disappointed. However, NTC Tour was on the weekend of my birthday, and you know I couldn't miss that! 

Reflecting on this past year, I realized I have done so much for myself than I ever did in my whole life. I made it my goal to live outside my comfort zone. I feel like I still have so much to offer the world & cannot wait to put all the pieces together! I learned so much from the industry, that all I want to do is go further with making my vision a reality. 

My pride and joy (next to Modern Fit) is #WCWOMAN. I never thought in a million years I would be able to say I am a creator. I strongly believe in this movement and am so glad that others see my vision too. Thank you to all who have been supporting this vision. I have so much in store for this movement, and cannot wait to get others involved! 

I am so grateful for all the birthday greetings. You guys have truly made my day. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful and loving people! 

P.S. I got a chance to shoot at the Bates Motel in Silver Lake on my birthday. So epic!