Being healthy doesn't have to be expensive. As much as I love going to a Juicery because of its convenience, it gets pretty expensive! When my bank account is telling me no, but my body is telling me yes.. I make my own version! I usually like to head to Whole Foods and get pressed juice after I've an unhealthy weekend (damn you Korean BBQ) or even after a hang over. Basically, it makes me feel better haha

A cost saving way to detox is so simple! 


Add LEMON, MINT, CUCUMBER to your water 

I'm using a Mous Bottle to keep the flavor fresh inside.


LEMON - Helps cleanse your system, aids digestions, helps you to lose weight, reduces inflammation, boosts immune system & gives you an energy boost! (3 slices of lemon in the bottle)

MINT - They are an antioxidant, they can relieve a sore throat, helps digestion, contains traces amounts of iron. Has fiber, vitamin A and potassium. (A few sprigs of mint in the bottle)

CUCUMBER - Hydrating, decreases swelling, irritation and inflammation to the skin, also protects your skin against the effects of aging, reduces bad breath, protects bones, maintains a healthy weight. (Source) (4 slices of cucumber in the bottle)

I'm beyond happy that I started drinking water infused with lemon, mint & cucumber. You stay hydrated and reap more benefits! I have to thank Mous Products for gifting me this bottle that supports all my fitness needs. It keeps the flavor of in its bottle. It's secure and aesthetically pleasing so I can use it for just about anything! It's style and functionality of it makes it easy for me to hydrate in style.


I'm really trying to keep this a habit and provide you more easy recipes that you can benefit from! Stay tuned <3

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