Last year, I attended the Reckless Girl's Active Wear Launch Party. (Recap here) This year, I had the lucky opportunity to partner up with @RecklessGirls once again for an exciting new work out at Plate Fits! 

Platefit is a 30 minute full body workout program done entirely on a vibrating platform called a Power Plate. It's an effective work out where every muscle is ignited through the vibrations and high intensity work out.



Overall, I am a HUGE FAN of Plate Fit! I'm sure many of you all have a jam packed schedule like me, so having this short yet intense work out is JUST WHAT I NEED. I was dripping sweat and felt like I did a full hour work out at the gym. It focuses on strength training and cardio which burns twice the calories. I definitely underestimated the level of difficulty of this work out, but fell in love with the idea of challenging your body to do new and exciting things!

They have a new client special: $99 for one month of unlimited classes. This is pretty damn good considering their classes are only 30 minutes long, so you can take as many as you want!



Thank you Reckless Girls for inviting me and blessing me with the latest Young & Reckless Activewear!!!