I've been naturally thin my whole life. I ate whatever I want, whenever I want and not gain weight. Sounds like the life, am I right? It was good up until junior high where the bullying started. Because I was thin and not overweight, kids thought it was okay to call me names and even spread rumors that I had an eating disorder. Disregard the title, but I hate the word skinny. Till this day, I will NEVER call someone skinny, but thin. Sounds better and less insulting. 

It wasn't till my junior/senior year in high school where I began to find my confidence through fashion. It was a way for me to express my individuality. Collaborating fitness & style was something I envisioned for Modern Fit. Starting my fitness journey, I not only found my physical strength but also INNER strength. I felt so badass lifting weights and being able to gain HEALTHY WEIGHT. I may have been thin, but it was so damn hard for me to even go up the stairs. -_-

Stay hungry, driven and passionate about your goals. Can't hit goals without getting your mind right first. I strongly believe being healthy shouldn't be just physically but also mentally.




I'd like to help spread #StrongIsTheNewSkinny to show that people who may appear smaller can be strong too. It's a good feeling doing things more than what people expected of you. The goal isn't to prove anything to others, I must remember that I'm proving it to myself. You can truly do whatever you put your mind to. You can't just kind of want it, because you're just KIND OF going to get the results. 

You GOT this.

Photographer: Edwin Lee

Thank you so much adidas for providing my fit!

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Stay Happy, Stay Healthy <3