Imagine this: an intense work out in a penthouse overlooking the beautiful city of Los Angeles. It's real and Speedplay made it happen! A couple of weeks ago, I finally had a chance to attend a Ladies First Event ft. Nike Women at SpeedPlay. I was much anticipating the event because I've been so eager to try Speedplay! 

THE WORK OUT - As always, I love to connect with the girls at these events, but I ALWAYS focus on getting a good work out and really learning the style that Speedplay LA designed. 

Speedplay is a brand new high-intensity interval training consisting of run, row, suspend & lift. It's typically 60 minutes for each class. I personally loved it because it's burning a lot of calories without having to do something redundant such a running (but if that's your thing, you go ahead witcho bad self). Find more about the program here

Overall, I LOVED the work out and vibes at this event. The venue was absolutely beautiful with the modern and simplistic decor; it definitely resonated well with Modern Fit's taste. The work out was really intense from what I'm used to, but so worth it to come back. Speedplay definitely pushed my limits!

For more information on the next Ladies First Event, click here

Special shout out to Ladies First Events, Nike Women, DimePiece, Kai for all the goodies!!