So, I'm keeping my word about trying out shadow boxing. I had another great opportunity to work out at Speedplay in Beverly Hills, but this time it was focused around being a straight bad ass. 

Ashley Guarrasi's 1st ever Boxing Diaries event has finally commenced! She has brought together some WCWOMEN to bring a STRONG light to the world. 

Dripped in black and white tones, we wrapped our Kali Active straps and had a boxing inspired workout which included squats, sit ups, planks, etc. 

Braid bars are the best! After all, you can't have a boxing event without braids! (Yea, you can but you know what I mean) Thank you so much @grahamnation!!

Thank you so much Ashley Guarrasi, Kali Active, SpeedPlay, @grahamnation, and Ron Holden!