This past Thursday was an eventful day! I had the blessing of attending Soul Cycle's Soul & Brunch in Culver City. I've been to the Platform LA several times, but I just cannot get over the architecture and the close knit community they created for the creative visionaries. Every where you snap a photo, it's a guaranteed Instagram hit!

Our brunch was held out in the balcony of Soul Cycle. It was perfect weather especially after a good ride! I've been to enough Soul Cycle classes to know how to clip my shoes on & off the pedals (trust me, I could be very clumsy), and every class has been nothing short of AMAZING. I have yet gone to a class where it was an eh instructor. I kid you not, it hits the soul & refreshens me to the core every time.

When you walk up to Soul Cycle, you see just right outside a balcony that looks like it has been designed by a Joanna Gaines from HGTV (btw..I loveeee Fixer Upper)

Thank you so much Soul Cycle for a good ride, good vibes & good food!