I learn something new every time I travel. I don't feel like I could ever master traveling, but I guess that's one good reason why I should keep doing it right? I know what it feels like to feel rushed or unprepared for a trip. Here are some tips that helped me out planning my trip to Portland!


This is my first time visiting Portland, Oregon so I had to make sure I at least pack correctly. You can google the weather in the city you’re visiting ahead of time. The results will be the typical weather around that time of year, so at least you get a sense of what the weather will be like. 



We knew the general things we wanted to do: visit local cafes & restaurants, sight see but we also wanted to hike and visit all the beauty Portland has to offer. I definitely want to incorporate working out and meditating into my trip. 


As a blogger, my outfits should be somewhat planned for the trip. This really helps to prevent overpacking especially since I want to shop a lot when I'm there!

Be prepared for the weather. Make sure you pack clothes that are appropriate for where you are going. 



I'm a firm believer of staying organized with my luggage.

  • I roll my clothes instead of folding them so I can fit more in my luggage.
  • I also use luggage organizers that you can buy at Amazon here. They're by far the most amazing piece of travel accessories I have ever purchased next to my neck pillow. 
  • Pack your toiletries last. Since you'll most likely be using your toothbrush, skin care products, etc the day when you travel, put it aside and have your toiletry bag ready! 

(P.S. I had to make sure my skin was hydrated prior and during the trip. I have eczema, so planning was crucial! I've been using Peter Thomas Roth's Water Drench Cleanser & Moisturizer for about 2 weeks, and my skin immediately healed. Also, I've been more mindful to drink plenty of water as well!)



  1. PLANTRONICS HEADPHONES - Have you guys ever left your headphones behind for a flight? Can you believe I forgot mine when I went on a 15 hour flight to the Philippines? Please don't forget your headphones because the ones the airplane provides does not cancel out noise. My Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones from Plantronics does the trick for me. They're pretty affordable for the benefits they offer. Check them out here
  2. TRTL NECK PILLOW SCARF - I cannot even believe I went this long without this neck pillow. It's actually a scarf with a side neck brace BUILT IN. It really does support your neck while you're sitting up. I love it because it's not bulky when you pack it up in your carry on as well! You can get that here
  3. EYE MASKS - While you're flying, your body tends to dehydrate faster.. Your eyes may be puffy, so using an eye mask can really help calm that down and bring hydration back the area around your eyes. 
  4. TAKEYA WATER BOTTLE - Bring an empty water bottle with your carry on and fill it up after you pass through security. It's important to stay hydrated and save some money because you know the airport overcharges EVERYTHING. 
  5. LYSOL DISINFECTANT WIPES - Big tip! Wipe your seat before you get comfortable in it with a Lysol Disinfectant wipes. I can't even imagine how many people sat there before you do!
  6. HAND SANITIZER - Because... people.. who don't have the same standards for hygiene as us. :) LOL
  7. LAPTOP - If you're a workaholic like me, then you'll want to bring your laptop to do some work on the plane! You can purchase the shitty wifi or you can plan ahead and do some work that won't require the internet.
  8. CHARGERS - The last thing you want to do is run out of batteries on your laptop, phone or even wireless headphones. 

& That's it! Do you guys have any tips to share? I feel like I'm never prepared still. LOL Safe travels wherever you go!! <3