Plantronics has just launched a new product called the BackBeat 500, and I had the chance to try them out beforehand! From traveling to the gym, I have to keep music with me at all times. I needed something lightweight, long lasting & overall, fit my own personal style. When Plantronics reached out to me asking if I wanted to participate in this campaign, I automatically said YES! 

To my surprise, this product has been an essential in my life since I received it. Some features include:

  • Wireless Range - Not going to feel tied down in my relationships, now I'm not going to feel tied down with my headphones! It has a pretty good range, so I'm able to leave my phone in my bag as I move around in my work out space.
    • On Ear Controls
    • Wideband- enabled mic
  • Lightweight - Looks heavy, but it's light as can be. Easy for me to keep in my bag! Plus, it's comfy with the memory foam cups.
  • Battery life - 18 hour battery life with minimal charging time. You guyssssss, that's sooo necessary! I'm forgettable when it comes to charging my electronics. I always do a quick sigh when I turn on my headphones and it tell me I have more battery life than expected.
  • Affordable - It's only $79, seriously.

The BackBeat 500 definitely surprised me. I've been using the same Beats By Dre Wireless 2  for about 3 years (yes, it still works), but I'm sticking with my Plantronics now. I would definitely recommend these or the Back Beat Fit for my work outs over the Sudio Ear Phones


Get your BackBeat 500 Here

This was a paid campaign/sponsorship but all thoughts and reviews are my own. You know I never fake the funk.