I've been attending Ladies First Events' #FlexFitClub since they first started, and it feels so damn good to be a part of a group that empowers bad ass females. 


#FLEXFITCLUB is a sweat-working series that features different studios and workouts all over Los Angeles. Their purpose is to create opportunities for relationship-building with like-minded women, all while taking fun & challenging fitness classes that energize & enrich the mind, body & soul. 

It's more than just a work out. From getting your hair braided by Bumble and Bumble, receiving the ultimate goodie bag from Nike Women, Colour Pop, House of Lashes, etc. and last but not least, refreshments from 1915 Organic. Ladies First Events makes sure every attendee gets the best experience at their event.


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Photo by  @aljedxo

Photo by @aljedxo


You guys have no idea how long I've been wanting to try Prevail Boxing. It is LA's premier fitness boxing studio that incorporates the mental, physical, and emotional challenges of boxing into a fitness regimen. Things to know:

  • It's a group class. Was blessed to be in the presence of some empowering women that helped me get through the work out. You aren't competing with one another! You're just focusing on your own progress. 
  • It's for everyone. Prevail is for ALL levels and the staff sure made us feel comfortable and even hyped us up!
  • Rentals. They offer rentals for wraps and gloves (YOU NEED THESE) or you can invest in your own if you're going to become a regular!
  • There's a shit ton of benefits to boxing: Relieves stress, sharpens focus, burns calories (500+ per class), improved strength, coordination, agility and endurance. 

For more information, please visit their site here

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