January is a trial month, and I've decided to start my 2018 resolutions in February! lol I never have the time to think and prepare for the new year because my mind is always scrambled during the holidays. So if you think you're behind while everyone is posting their resolutions on their Instagrams, you're not the only one! I use January as a "test run" on how my new year will be. It gives me time to really reflect on what I need improvement on and write down step by step needs to be done. 

While there's always room for improvement for everything and anything, these are the top things that I feel like I need to improve on to get closer to my goals and be a better person. 



OCD is real and I partially blame my anxiety for it! I can still be a messy person, but I get anxiety when things aren't in order. When my room, closet, finances, calendars & files are organized, my mind is more at peace and I can think clearer. With a busy schedule, it's been difficult for me to keep up with getting my life together. So, I'm taking a trip to the container store & sorting everything out! I'm also starting off the new year with a new hard drive to put all my files in one place and organizing it by year & event. Let's pray I keep up with it! I also want to minimize, so I'll be selling several of my things on Depop! You can look here.


As we're in our 20s, we're coming to the realization that shit happens. New tires might be needed or you might need to actually buy a washer/dryer because yours broke, whatever it is, we don't plan on buying certain things. For example, I was saving up to buy a new car last year. Suddenly, IRS was like nah girl, pay up! I owed the IRS a good chunk of my car savings :( Luckily, I had the funds to pay everything whole. Paying it felt like I took part of my soul away because I worked very hard for it! Lesson learned. Do your taxes correctly, guys! As I'm trying to save, I'm slowly deciphering what I NEED versus what I WANT. 


It's 2018, be responsible because someone isn't going to hold your hand forever to make sure you're getting your life together



For years, I've been trying to master managing my time. I've always thought that I'm just no good at it. I've kind of...sort of... found something that works for me! Right now, I use Google Calendar and a Shinola planner (thanks baby). I use Google Calendar for EVERYTHING. When I set up dinner dates with my girls, best believe I will send them a Google invite! I set it so it reminds me 30 minutes or an hour before my event. Physically writing a task or an event down helps me remember! In my Shinola, I also put side notes for deadlines whereas my Google Calendar is just events, overall deadlines and appointments. This helps manage my time extremely! Also, writing my errands down in my Shinola is helpful as well! 


I'm a flawed person, and I do admit that I can hold grudges depending on the situation. I learned that holding grudges and avoiding forgiveness means I'm really the one suffering. So I'll try to forgive quickly, but it doesn't mean I have to trust quickly either! Forgiving is a sign of peace within yourself. It means you're not letting whatever wrong doing that happen to you occupy space in your heart anymore. This one is going to be hard, but definitely worth it!


It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally learning to love myself. Flaws and all. It's amazing how the definition of "beautiful" in social media can be determined by the number of followers, likes and comments you have. It's a damn shame because everyone is beautiful in their own unique way. I grew up naturally skinny and never felt "woman" enough to feel sexy or beautiful till my mid twenties. I hope little girls don't have to wait to "grow up" to feel beautiful. I pray that I never doubt my self-worth in 2018. I promise to love the good, the bad & the ugly. I realize not every day will be good, so I pray that I have the strength to overcome any obstacle God throws at me! 


Being comfortable in your own skin is truly important, also what you wear is important! I strive to be comfortable and never wear anything I doesn't align with my style. Thanks to Cotton On Body, I feel 100% more comfy!