I was in a slump for a good minute –creatively & physically. When I first started Modern Fit, I had my creative juices flowing with so many ideas and had all the time to create new work outs for myself. I started to get really busy with my 9-5 and Modern Fit which meant my work outs were being compromised for it. I was doing the same old routines in the gym for YEARS, and I basically hit a plateau and did nothing about it. I wasn't gaining weight nor making huge progress. I was a little toned (just to get by with photoshoots) and sadly, I was comfortable.

It helps when I get invited to work out events because it really makes me realize how out of shape I am. I'd always look at these amazing & strong women like.. fuhhh I gotta step my game up. They'd motivate & encourage me so it felt good at that time!

Welp, I tried out different programs like Katy Hearn's programs, Krissy Cela's & the infamous BBG by Kayla Itsines. Some programs I stuck with but didn't last, some didn't last at all. I learned that some programs aren't meant for every body. 

I downloaded the SWEAT app and truth be told, I immediately unsubscribed. They had the BBG program on there and thought it would be a good challenge to go through the whole program. It lasted about 3 days. LOL Then Kelsey Wells' started her PWR program and I was immediately hooked! (P.S. I'm really pissed because I had the opportunity to become a blog contributor for SWEAT and overlooked the chance of getting this app for free.. so YES, I PAY FOR THIS APP MONTHLY.. SAY NO MORE, I'M SAD LOL).



"Where BBG Stronger incorporates plyometric cardio training, Kelsey’s PWR program includes hypertrophy training, a style of resistance training specifically designed to increase muscle and strength."

When I first started working out, my training styles were basically like Kelsey's PWR program. So why do I need the app? There are several reasons as to why I use it:

  1. It helps keep track of what muscle groups I've worked out on
  2. It teaches me new work outs so I never hit boredom
  3. The app trains with you - meaning you hit "next" when you are done with the next exercise 
  4. It times your supersets for you
  5. I finally felt and looked stronger


  1. Discover a work out style you actually like. If you're not a runner, then don't fucking run. It's that simple! If you want to do yoga, then do yoga! I believe every body is an ATHLETE. You just have to find the "sport" you like. 
  2. Work out with a buddy. Having someone there can be truly motivating and possibly help keep your mind off the pain. You guys keep each other accountable and really push each other to the fullest.
  3. Switch it up! The same old routine can kill ya (in the gym and in life). Confuse your muscles and challenge them. The trick is to give it a reason for new muscle to grow, not work on the ones you previously have. 
  4. Take a look in the mirror. Who are you really doing this for? My intentions in the beginning were for ME and all of a sudden it became for Instagram. FUCK THAT SHIT. I became unmotivated and started comparing my stagnant ass to everyone on Instagram. It took me till this year to really get my shit together and challenge myself. I wanted to prove to myself that I can become stronger.
Screen Shot 2018-04-01 at 11.13.15 PM.png


I am definitely not your average fitness blogger. I didn't create a blog for a before and after photo to show the world, I created it for my journey. I had to do this FOR ME and not for Instagram, and I found so much peace of mind doing just that. That's why I haven't really shown my fitness side, because I felt like I should go through the journey on my own FIRST. To show vulnerability, it was difficult for me to show that side because I simply was not ready to. I've made drastic changes mentally and had to tune out social media in the process. Hope you guys can learn from me that you can get inspiration from social media,  (hell maybe this is why you're reading this right now) but don't feel pressured to get the body you desire so quickly, you will get there on your own time when you are mentally ready!

 Don't compare your chapter 1 to someone else's chapter 20!




I can't believe I actually see progress, and I'm very proud of the hard work I put in! I can't stress it enough that my diet was the key to my progress. You have to nourish your body with the nutrients it needs in order to perform your very best! You can't put just any liquid substance in your gas pump and expect your car to drive okay, right? Well this goes for your body! My goal is to gain muscle gradually. Here's a brief run down on what I ate:

Breakfast: Protein bar, banana, oatmeal

Snacks: click here for my list of snacks!

Pre work out: One slice of multigrain toast, peanut butter, slices of banana drizzled with agave or honey

Lunch/Dinner: Typically goes down like this - 1 cup of brown rice, 6-8oz of chicken or salmon, and 1 cup of greens (broccoli or asparagus)

Water intake: 1 gallon of water max/day (soooo important!!!)



Left to Right -

1st photo was before I started the PWR program. Still thin and possibly considerably fit. I was mainly focus on muscle growth especially around the abs. Taken October 2017

2nd photo - Was 3 weeks into my program. I started my program January 2nd.


3rd photo - Last week of the program. 12 Weeks. 

*I WASN'T LOOKING FOR A QUICK FIX* I wanted to work hard for my body with a program and training style I truly loved doing. I knew it wasn't going to be an overnight success, but I enjoyed the journey of it. I loved feeling stronger every week! What am I going to do now? Most likely start the program over again and gradually lift heavier in my sets. One thing I was not consistent on was the LISS and HIIT. My goal was to gain weight, so I only limited myself to one LISS or one HIIT a week (I also hate cardio)! 

I'm not into progress photos, so these were just taken at random. I think I'll start doing it when I start the program in the first week again with the same pose, lighting and all that good stuff. :) 


Just remember why you started and that should be the foundation of your journey. Hope this helps you! Please leave a comment below and let me know if you guys have any questions! Would love to read about your journey!

Hope you guys have a great weekend!