"Michelle, how could you work on social media if you don't like socializing?!"

I'm honestly the most anti-social influencer out there. The reason why I started blogging was to express myself through fitness, style, relationships, careers, LIFE. I like to write and have people feel the emotions through my words; it's not JUST about receiving likes or gaining followers. I've been in the game for too long to care. Trust me. If I inspired one person, then well..I've done my job. 

Over the years, I've developed Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The littlest of tasks felt DRAINING and overthinking situations became my forte. I simply couldn't STOP being this way & went straight to my doctor as soon as it got physical - I became jumpy, had heart palpitations, Parasthesia (numbness) mainly through my arms, etc. I have a habit of accepting and RSVPing to events (mainly for work) and not showing up because I had anxiety. I love blogging because I can stay at home while still writing! I cope with it better and realize everyone has a different outlet.

I've learned to find other options to help control your anxiety like meditating! I found some amazing apps that could possible benefit those who are or not going through anxiety. Meditating is the best for anyone!




Headspace's mission is to improve the health and happiness in the world.


1. Hundreds of themed sessions including anxiety, anger, depression, grief, etc.

2. Teaches how to meditate

3. "Bite sized" Meditations for busy schedules

4. They offer "SOS" exercises in case of sudden melt downs

5. There's free sessions that touch base on more of a general aspect! When you purchase the app, you get to select a focus goal you want to work on. 

TIP - I used it for free, but they often send emails with discounts! So wait for that to get the premium version

*I use this the most!


Headspace offers 10 free sessions

Annually - $7.99/month

Monthly - $12.99/month

Lifetime - $399.99

simple habit


To empower humans to stress less, achieve more and live better


1. Made for busy people with the option of meditating for 5 minutes

2. Tracks your progress

3. Has a wide variety of categories to choose from

4. Has an "ON THE GO" feature and you can choose from 5, 10, or 20 minutes to meditate. 

5. The first month is free!

6. They have a community that you can interact with. Remember you aren't alone!


Simple Habit has a free tier with "more than 50" sessions, and all of these new features will be available whether or not you pay for the app -- except for one

Monthly $12/month

Annually $100



Shine makes it easier for you to take care of yourself


1. They send you a conversational experience around your well being.

2. They sent me a Beyonce GIF welcoming me

3. It also sends articles based on your response

4. They offer tracks, so you can listen as you drive or work.

5. They also offer affirmations regarding work, love, friends, & self love



You can receive your Daily Shine for free across SMS, Facebook Messenger, Kik, and using the free Shine iOS app.

For even more Shine on-demand, you can subscribe to “Mindful Moments” in the Shine app on iOS—our modern take on meditations around the *real* stuff we all struggle with.

Annually $4.99

Monthly $9.99/month

I realized my anxiety is never going to be 100% cured, but I believe now I have the resources to control it and not let it control me. Coming to loved ones about anxiety may be difficult, just know they have the best intentions for you. Also be aware that there are people just like you that are going through the same wave of emotions, so you can talk to them about it! Like ME! Duh :) 


I know it's hard to tell your friends and family exactly what you're going though but here's a video that you can show your friends! 

And one for your significant other :)

And if you ever feel like it's just too much to handle, I highly recommend seeking a professional to help you. You are not alone, you are loved by a community that may not know you personally but can relate to you! 

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